Why Learning Video?

In education, it’s important to not only be understood but to engage. That’s why we develop content that pulls the learner in and delivers the subject in a concise and accurate, yet accessible and digestible way.

Anytime, Anywhere

The modern learner uses every opportunity to learn. Whether on weekends, on their lunch break, or on their commute. The key is that their learning content is accessible to them whenever they need it.

Expand Your Reach

Video based learning allows teachers to reach a much wider audience than traditional classroom-based courses. Particularly certain kinds of knowledge, the kind that is evergreen and forms the basis for further exploration, can easily be served in a self-paced video format. With a one-time effort, the teacher can bring a potentially unlimited number of learners to the same level of knowledge.

Compete in the Attention Economy

With the pace of the world accelerating and people’s attention spans shrinking, it’s important to provide learning that matches the pace of the world. Short video-based courses, focusing on single concepts are ideal for distilling knowledge into a suitable format for today’s learner. It also provides the learner with a more frequent sense of accomplishment and completion, which in turn gives them the motivation to keep learning. Combining a number of these microlearning courses with more in-depth reading material and regular assessments adds up to a full understanding of the topic.

Harvard meets Hollywood

Today’s media consumers are used to having access to an almost unlimited supply of high-quality content. If learning content is going to compete in this extremely competitive attention economy, it has to be at a similarly high production quality. This can be achieved using proven storytelling techniques and high production values, which will drastically enhance a learner's engagement and thus their learning outcomes.

We understand Learning Videos

Understanding the subject

For every learning video we produce, we make sure that everyone involved in the creation process fully understands the subject of the video. Each member of our team is an avid learner and relishes understanding your subject matter. Our pre-production process allows us to directly engage with you, so that we can understand every aspect of what you are going to convey through the learning video.


In our learning videos, we go beyond just the conveyance of information. Storytelling has been a tool for learning since the dawn of language. Not only does it keep people engaged, but it also establishes connections and associations in the mind of the learner. That is why a large part of our process focuses on taking the raw information of a knowledge base and turning it into memorable stories. That means having clear through lines, making strong connections between causes and effects and having satisfying and logical conclusions. Using proven story structure methods allows the learner to effortlessly follow the video’s flow and focus on the details and connections.


Not familiar with video-based teaching? We offer in-depth consultation and support in Learning Video creation, from finding the right formats for you, to setting up your own recording studio. We can also guide you through the wider world of e-learning, including hosting solutions and course promotion.