Lecture Capture

• Self-recording

For a simple learning video solution, we can guide you through creating your own self-recorded learning video. We will walk you through equipment and setup, consult with you on structure and writing and finally provide complete post-production services for your video, including editing and visualizations.

• On-Location

If you are more comfortable in a classroom environment, we can provide a professionally recorded on-location lecture capture. With our high-end cameras and sound equipment, we can create a high-quality learning video wherever you are. Of course, we also provide complete post-production services and deliver a finished video that includes visualizations and is edited to keep learners engaged.

• In-Studio

If you want your lecture to become something truly extraordinary, we provide complete in-studio lecture capture services. With animated backgrounds and visualizations, your subject will come to life. Our fully equipped studio not only provides professional recording, but advanced post-production and complex visual aids.

Animated Courses

• Basic Nano Course

These 2-4 minute animated explainer videos are perfect for quick bites of learning. The clean and simple 2D animated style conveys information in a compelling and entertaining way. This format is ideal for visualizing abstract concepts through symbolic representations, such as mathematics, physics and IT.

• Advanced Nano Course

This next-level Nano Course incorporates 3D animation, depth and dynamic shading to create a more tangible and appealing video. These visuals do a better job at describing real-world entities and are ideal for subjects like history, politics, ecology, etc.

• Expert Nano Course

A Nano course with more technical sophistication and polish than any other, with attention to detail and the storytelling at the highest level. Cutting edge lighting and physics simulations in a complete 3D world. This level of visualization is best suited for technical subjects, where 3-dimensional, realistic representations are required. These include engineering, architecture and medicine.

Custom Content

If none of our standard formats fit your needs, we can also create custom content for you. Let us know what you need: Promotional videos, short documentaries, interactive experiences, and more...

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