Explainer Videos

Basic Nano

These 2-4 minute animated explainer videos are perfect for quick bites of learning. The clean and simple 2D animated style conveys information in a compelling and entertaining way.

Advanced Nano

This next-level Nano Course incorporates 3D animation, depth and dynamic shading to create a more tangible and appealing video. These are also available in multiple language versions

Expert Nano

A Nano course with more technical sophistication and polish than any other. Attention to detail and the storytelling at the highest level. Cutting edge lighting and physics simulations in a complete 3D world.


Live-Action Video Course

We record your lecture or presentation either on location, or at our studios. The result is a high quality MOOC-style video, delving deep into the subject.

Live-Action & Animation

Enhance your lecture or presentation with animated visualisations. Explain concepts while they appear next to you to support your teaching.


This full hybrid of live-action recording and animation is the pinnacle of educational video. Showcase your expertise with class.

Presentations & Infographics

Presentation Slide Deck

Beautiful and succinct presentations, boiling down your content to it’s essence. Guaranteed to hold your audiences’ attention.


A picture says more than 1000 words. A good infographic goes beyond that. Clear, data driven visualisations that deliver impact and clarity.

Community Learning

Live Online Classes

We'll help you set up your own virtual classroom or webinar. Interact with your learners directly, no matter where in the world they are. They can raise their hand, ask questions and you can let them write on your whiteboard or presentation.

Talks & Events

Learning happens in many places. If you are organising an event or talk, why not capture it on video, so that people can experience it later, or just live stream it and invite the world to your event? We're here to help you with that.

Re-Live Experiences

Some of the best learning happens out in the world. We are here to record your study trip or learning excursion, so that learners can relive the experience.

custom content

Need something else?

If none of our standard formats fit your needs, we can also create custom content for you. Let us know what you need: Promotional videos, short documentaries, interactive experiences, and more...

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